SPLENDENS (Pre – Power)

The more power it gives you, well, the more words fail us to describe the SPLENDENS! Except for the obvious >250W/ch (8Ω).

The clue is in its origins. Simply put, take the the RGM175 Monoblock System (175W/ch), upgrade it to the Signature Series RGM175ENR (200W/ch). And then let it quietly evolve over the years.

Having now morphed into the Splendens Monoblock Pre-Power System, it still brings together the the principles of the RG175p Dual Mono Volume Passive Preamp with two RG175ENRm Signature Series Monoblock Power Amplifiers. And then some.

So while you are finding the words for it in the music, watch out, too, for what the musicians are thinking!!

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Known throughout this century as the Signature Series RGM175ENR Monoblock System … until now, when its history has finally caught up with it to reveal what it has become – the SPLENDENS Pre-Power Monoblock System.

What was officially listed as the RGM175ENR ‘s 200WRMS/ch has crept up to >250W/ch in the Splendens!

So as it is not a new design, what else could be hiding in this simple name change? Guilty of increasing its power over the years?? Yes (but that’s the kind of “bracket creep” no one complains about). Guilty of increasing the power of its Audiophile MOSFETs? Of course (‘cos you can never have too much control). Guilty of ever-evolving tweaks? Absolutely (as its designer has more fun that way). Too lazy to publicly change its model name aka power rating over time? Indeed, yes (but that did save lots of confusion)!

So what grew out of the RGM175 Monoblock System by way of a Signature Series upgrade, is still reflected by the Splendens’ real nature as part of the Australian-made Amplifolia range of REDGUM Monoblock amplifiers.

And the name, Splendens? Of the 739 Eucalyptus tree species, some of their names are just as outstanding as the music this system delivers.

Bringing together the Amplifolia Stereo Dual Mono Volume Passive Preamp (ex-RG175p) with two Splendens Monoblock Power Amplifiers (ex-RG175ENRm Signature Series), this system is just begging to be heard to be believed!

You will find the words for it in the music!! “Splendens!”.


Made in Australia – truly!

REDGUM’s unique Dual Mono remote control is fitted as standard, unless you prefer a manual version.

All REDGUM amplifiers have inputs suitable for Home Theatre Bypass.

(H 380 [90+145+145] x W 420 x D 350 mm – 42kg
H 15 [3.5+5.7+5.7] x W 16.5 x D 14.2 in – 93lb – 7 yr Warranty)


> 250W/ch (8Ω)






H 380 [90+145+145] x W 420 x D 350 mm / H 15 [3.5+5.7+5.7] x W 16.5 x D 14.2 in


>300W Short Term RMS (8Ω)