SPLENDENS (Power Channel)

As much as we are convinced the SPLENDENS Power channel sounds best playing with its twin brother and sister (the Stereo Passive Preamp), feel free to create your own combinations for Stereo or Home Theatre outings.

When going solo, it is no wallflower. In fact, it can be quite outspoken once let off the leash. With the massive Damping Factor that all REDGUM amplifiers contain, its tight, clean bass is happy to form the pulse of any occasion.

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“Power Channel” is a really good descriptor when you are in need of a boost for one of your channels. Quoting “>250W (8Ω)” only gives an inkling of how involving the music (or OST) will sound because what is actually being let loose is Transient Power attacking at a rate of >300WRMS.

Spoiler alert! It can be an abrupt shock to be reminded again of the full meaning of some descriptors of musical sounds …..that “brassy” is what brass sounds like; cymbals should crash, not splash.

The reality is that a double bass note should be made up of the pluck then the sustained note, rather than being heard as one blob. Quite different from deep bass that is actually low enough to be felt, more than heard.

As delivered, to physically jump at the crack of a rim shot (or gunshot) is as much a thrill as to hear the fingerprint of each piano under the fingers of its master. Plus what happens between the notes.

Play the game of “Who hammered those cymbals?”. Or why can I hear the sound of a metal wire flapping against an aluminium flag pole in Ancient Rome*?

A diverting thought, one could say, but is this level of detail absolutely necessary?

Oh, absolutely!


Made in Australia – truly!

(H 145 x W 420 x D 360 mm / H 5.7 x W 16.5 x D 14.2 in – 18kg / 40lb – 7 yr Warranty)

* Heard during the scene in the Emperor’s tent in the movie, “Gladiator”. (But the subsequent realistic throttling sounds are far less pleasant.)


> 250W/ch (8Ω)






H 145 x W 420 x D 360 mm / H 5.7 x W 16.5 x D 14.2 in


>300W Short Term RMS (8Ω)