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The RGDAC2 has moved on with the addition of a USB input whilst offering the same design as the stunning RGCD2 (minus its CDROM drive and associated power supply).

All REDGUM CD Players and DACs have an additional chip that reclocks and reshapes the data – most unusual in the world of CD players! So, when we say that this RGDAC2 unit will turn any, repeat “any” CD transport or DVD player with ‘digital out’ into a stunning CD Player! … well, we have yet to be contradicted!

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REDGUM ‘Audio Pipeline’ OFC Interconnect 1m



The Design:
The REDGUM RGAP ‘Audio Pipeline’ OFC interconnect cables are researched, developed, designed and manufactured in conjunction with some of the most knowledgeable specialists in the industry. Designed to provide focus and sound staging, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, resolution and detail.

Take a listen and prepare to be amazed!

REDGUM OCC Pure Silver Interconnect 0.5m


Here is the Ultimate Interconnect for your REDGUM System. As sweet as it sounds!

Using the unsurpassed technology of the OCC process of manufacturing, this creates a pure silver interconnect of the highest possible quality.

Price is for 1pc of 0.5 metre interconnect fitted with REDGUM locking RCA plugs.
(2pcs required for stereo connection.)

REDGUM has offered OCC Silver Interconnects since 2003, initially as fixed lengths. Now you can plan for your personal space.  Longer interconnects can be ordered in any length based on multiples of a quarter metre (e.g. 0.75m, 1m, 1.25m, etc.).

Red Gum Equipment Rack


Each piece unique, this elegant rack is made from furniture-grade, 100% Red Gum solid timber. Presenting with lean visual lines, its sturdy construction will support up to 100kg of equipment.

Supplied with 3 (removable) shelves of 10mm thick structural glass.


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Replacement Dual Mono remote control


As well as Black Series amplifiers, this Dual Mono remote will control the REDGUM Amplifolia Amplifier range and/or the REDGUM Remote Control CD Players.

As each product is packed with two remotes, we recommend setting the spare safely aside just in case the dog eats your first one.

RGH900p Preamp/5.1 Processor


5.1 Home Theatre Preamplifier/Processor

Component of the “AVL Best Buy Award” Winner in 2007!

This proprietary 5.1 pre-amp / processor has been designed for use with both versions of our award-winning RGH900 6 channel amplifier.

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RGH900-1 5.1 Power Amplifier


150W (8Ω) x 6 Channel Home Theatre Power Amplifier

Originally released as the award-winning* RGH900, this Home Theatre amplifier remains the same in all things (other than now claiming to be the first of that model number, i.e. RGH900-1). It is designed for the audiophile, with sonics that ‘flatten’ the competition.

Still with its original power giving 6 channels of 150WRMS and all full frequency – from explosions to The Eagles, make those Home Theatre speakers jump to attention and return the magic to movie soundtracks!

*Reviewers’ Choice 2001, HomeTheaterSound

Made in Australia – truly!

(H 145 x W 420 x D 360mm – 16 kg – 7 yr Warranty)

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RGH900-2 5.1 Power Amplifier

250W/ch (8Ω)
310W/ch (4Ω)
550W/ch (2Ω)
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RGH900-2 5.1 Power Amplifier


250W (8Ω) x 6 Channel Home Theatre
Signature Series Power Amplifier

An extended power version of the original international Award-winning RGH900 Amplifier, this Home Theatre Amplifier is designed for the audiophile with sonics that ‘flatten’ the competition, and the neighbourhood.

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Who wouldn’t want a preamp to pass on exactly what is there!? Adding 0% distortion, 0% noise, and having signal to noise at infinity sounds like Audio perfection … when it comes from a Passive Preamp, that is.

When designing each REDGUM product, we have always made a firm, if not bold, statement about our seriousness by following only well-founded “fads/fashions/theories” that distinctly improve sound quality. (Ed. But that then means they are not fads, etc!) This stance can have its costs in market terms, but REDGUM remains resolute for the people out there with calibrated Ears … who don’t give a damn about such fads, etc., because they are seeking what Hi-End Audio is by definition – HiFi. You know, high fidelity.

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RGH900-2 & RGH900p


Home Theatre 5.1 Power Amplifier & 5.1 Preamp / Processor Package

Winner of the “Best Buy Award 2007 – High-End Home Theatre Excellence” by Hi-Fi & Home Theatre Consumer Guide

Fuss-free Home Theatre and Hi-Fi sound are no longer mutually exclusive!! You really can hang up your hat on Format Wars and feel safe!

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REDGUM Speaker Cable Termination service


Our heavy 7AWG REDGUM ‘Expressive-Line’ speaker cable can be a bit of a ‘hand-full’ to strip and ‘tin’, so we offer a service of stripping and tinning followed by machine tightening our RGABP Gold Banana plugs onto the cable.

This service is used in conjunction with the purchase of our REDGUM ‘Expressive-Line’ speaker cable, and covers the fitting of ONE complete lead. (Price is also inclusive of one set of RGABP plugs, i.e. 2 at each end of cable.)



Ideal replacement drive for the earlier model REDGUM CDPlayers that require a “PLAY” button to start the drive.

• 40X (6000 KB/sec) Maximum Audio Extraction Speed – Buffer size: 2MB