All REDGUM amplifiers have ultra-high current output stages.

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STELLULATA (Integrated)



Nominally now the ‘baby’ of the family within the Amplifolia range, this little STELLULATA amplifier has had plenty of time to mature!

Back when the core REDGUM RGi35 design was upgraded to become the Signature Series RGi35ENR, even that move included the power supply and output stages from the ‘Best Buy Award’-winning RGi60, giving it plenty to ‘knock the socks off’ many 100W/ch mass production brand amplifiers!! Since then the RGi35ENR has put on a little more muscle, so what is now renamed as the Stellulata has a typical output of 60W/ch!!!

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REDGUM ‘Audio Pipeline’ OFC Interconnect 1m



The Design:
The REDGUM RGAP ‘Audio Pipeline’ OFC interconnect cables are researched, developed, designed and manufactured in conjunction with some of the most knowledgeable specialists in the industry. Designed to provide focus and sound staging, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, resolution and detail.

Take a listen and prepare to be amazed!

ARTICULATA (Integrated)


The ARTICULATA is the ultimate REDGUM integrated amplifier for those who demand the best. Which is a breeze to attain with 200W/ch on offer.

When this Signature Series RGi120ENR amplifier was first created in 2001, it was based on our Award-winning RGi120 but with its output power boosted to 155WRMS/ch. That made its actual ‘slam’ higher than ‘the original’ RGM175 Monoblocks!!!

Time has moved on since then; so, too, has its power, accumulating without fanfare. Now renamed as part of the Amplifolia range, it definitely makes the music well worth one!

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BLACK RGi35ENR (Integrated)

65W/ch (8Ω)
80W/ch (4Ω)
95W/ch (2Ω)
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BLACK RGi35ENR (Integrated)


We celebrated REDGUM’s 21st Birthday in 2014 with a “New” Generation of Integrated amplifiers – the Black Signature Series!

But how new is “New”!? Add in “purpose-designed to power ultra-low speaker impedances”, while keeping it all in the family with the same circuit boards and Dual Mono remote control as Amplifolia range products. This electronically-cloned Black Series RGi35ENR was named in deference to its wood-panelled “clone mother”, the then REDGUM Signature Series RGi35ENR (now the Stellulata). But in real life this Black Series version delivers 65W/ch!

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