STELLULATA (Integrated)


Nominally now the ‘baby’ of the family within the Amplifolia range, this little STELLULATA amplifier has had plenty of time to mature!

Back when the core REDGUM RGi35 design was upgraded to become the Signature Series RGi35ENR, even that move included the power supply and output stages from the ‘Best Buy Award’-winning RGi60, giving it plenty to ‘knock the socks off’ many 100W/ch mass production brand amplifiers!! Since then the RGi35ENR has put on a little more muscle, so what is now renamed as the Stellulata has a typical output of 60W/ch!!!

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Even baby amps like to kick. And, as any self-respecting “chip off the old block” knows, the most junior member of the family is always allowed some latitude when being precocious. So for maximum impact, this kid asked was it better “just to kick”, or “knock the socks off” the opposition? As that generation never takes “No!” for an answer, this amp wanted to do both. And so it did.

Entering the world in 2001 as the REDGUM RGi35 with a well-behaved exterior far beyond it years, it was still full of fun and definitely knew how to kick on command with its 35W/ch. (It left many a 100+W/ch mass-production brand amplifiers battered and depressed.) As it matured in 2004 into a Signature Series RGi35ENR amplifier (50W/ch), it was looking very like that one’s birth-mother, the RGi60, having taken over her original power supply and output stages. (Mum had undergone her own make-over, so there was no mistaking them as twins!)

Meanwhile, with that maturity came the conscious understanding that while an erratic kick is always just a kick, a well-placed one has all the power of a Transient Attack. By then, that attack had increased to the 140W/ch mark, so putting lots of those together truly made Music!  It was a revelation!

In fairness, having exercised those energies so effectively for so long, it is time to admit that this baby is one no longer. Now weighing in at 60W/ch, surely it has earned its new name, the STELLULATA – “Little Star”.

Looking heavenwards for even bigger stars to wish upon is a natural part of how future REDGUM dreams take form. Returning back to earth to the here and now, there is far too much satisfying froth and bubble from the youngest kid on the block to even think … might we be missing out on something and have to aim our sights higher?

No matter how little, a Star is a star.


Made in Australia – truly!

REDGUM’s unique Dual Mono remote control is fitted as standard, unless you prefer a manual version.

All REDGUM amplifiers have inputs suitable for Home Theatre Bypass.

(H 90 x W 420 x D 350 mm / H 3.5 x W 16.5 x D 13.8 in – 9kg / 20lb – 7 yr Warranty)


9.5kg / 21lbs


60W/ch (8Ω)






H 90 x W 420 x D 350 mm / H 3.5 x W 16.5 x D 13.8 in


140W Short Term RMS (8Ω)