STELLULATA (Integrated)



Nominally now the ‘baby’ of the family within the Amplifolia range, this little STELLULATA amplifier has had plenty of time to mature!

Back when the core REDGUM RGi35 design was upgraded to become the Signature Series RGi35ENR, even that move included the power supply and output stages from the ‘Best Buy Award’-winning RGi60, giving it plenty to ‘knock the socks off’ many 100W/ch mass production brand amplifiers!! Since then the RGi35ENR has put on a little more muscle, so what is now renamed as the Stellulata has a typical output of 60W/ch!!!

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ARTICULATA (Integrated)


The ARTICULATA is the ultimate REDGUM integrated amplifier for those who demand the best. Which is a breeze to attain with 200W/ch on offer.

When this Signature Series RGi120ENR amplifier was first created in 2001, it was based on our Award-winning RGi120 but with its output power boosted to 155WRMS/ch. That made its actual ‘slam’ higher than ‘the original’ RGM175 Monoblocks!!!

Time has moved on since then; so, too, has its power, accumulating without fanfare. Now renamed as part of the Amplifolia range, it definitely makes the music well worth one!

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SPLENDENS (Pre – Power)


The more power it gives you, well, the more words fail us to describe the SPLENDENS! Except for the obvious >250W/ch (8Ω).

The clue is in its origins. Simply put, take the the RGM175 Monoblock System (175W/ch), upgrade it to the Signature Series RGM175ENR (200W/ch). And then let it quietly evolve over the years.

Having now morphed into the Splendens Monoblock Pre-Power System, it still brings together the the principles of the RG175p Dual Mono Volume Passive Preamp with two RG175ENRm Signature Series Monoblock Power Amplifiers. And then some.

So while you are finding the words for it in the music, watch out, too, for what the musicians are thinking!!

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The world’s only Dual Mono Remote Control

Your new REDGUM Stereo Amplifier will have this unique Dual Mono Remote Control fitted at the time of construction … unless your Inner Purist prefers to manually adjust the Dual Mono volumes. In that case, just let us know that a manual Dual Mono version is preferred.

And it really is just what the family expected! This Remote Control operates like any normal “Vol Up/Down” remote control, as well as giving you full control over both Dual Mono volume controls, if and when you choose. In the meantime, you will give no thought to the fact that it is actually operating 2 separate/Dual Mono amplifiers!

Time to fully express all that glorious imaging that has lain dormant in your music. Till now!

(Released in 2007, retro-fitting to some earlier models is possible, for an additional cost.)

RGiHF Headphone Amplifier


For that “up close and personal” experience – the REDGUM RGHF Headphone Amplifier is based on our RGi35 circuit design with substantial adaptation to the power supply.

This amplifier has also been modified to limit background noise to unprecedented “inky black” levels. Of all applications, a Headphone amplifier makes optimal use of Dual Volume controls as offered here – the volume level to each ear is chosen and provided in absolute isolation via each channel. Sound, “made to measure”, just as your RGHF will be “built to measure” to suit your headphone’s sensitivity … “up close and personal” from the start of its life!!

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AQUILINA (Integrated)


When the Signature Series RGi60ENR first appeared with 75WRMS/ch in 2004 as the upgraded version of the original RGi60, the RGi60ENR offered the transformer, power supply and output stages used in the original (1993) RGi120!

But that was over a decade ago! And the power ‘bracket creep’ has continued! So now it is high time to cut to the chase and name names as to what this RGi60ENR has become in the Amplifolia range – at 120W/ch, the AQUILINA.

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SPLENDENS (Power Channel)


As much as we are convinced the SPLENDENS Power channel sounds best playing with its twin brother and sister (the Stereo Passive Preamp), feel free to create your own combinations for Stereo or Home Theatre outings.

When going solo, it is no wallflower. In fact, it can be quite outspoken once let off the leash. With the massive Damping Factor that all REDGUM amplifiers contain, its tight, clean bass is happy to form the pulse of any occasion.

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MAGNIFICATA (Power Channel)

> 350W/ch (8Ω)
> 550W/ch (4Ω)
> 900W/ch (2Ω)
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MAGNIFICATA (Power Channel)


The ultimate REDGUM building block, whatever your plan to rule in Stereo or Home Theatre power.

Even when performing on its ownsome, this Monoblock shares everything you expect from the Magnificata Pre-Power  System. As assured as an individual as when it plays along with its twin power amplifier, this Monoblock will leave you lost for words. Ah, but your smiles will be most eloquent!!

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> 350W/ch (8Ω)
> 550W/ch (4Ω)
> 900W/ch (2Ω)
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To celebrate REDGUM’s 21st Birthday, even the ‘monster’ of the Amplifolia range can find ways to reinvent itself with a new design, the MAGNIFICATA, aimed at super low impedance speaker loads down to 1 ohm.

As the icing on the cake, try a tripling of its MOSFET power, an increase to 100,000 μFarad per channel, and all Input connectors hand-wired with OCC single strand, solid core Silver wiring. Plus, with auto voltage selection, you can continue partying around the world. Widely spaced, 24 carat gold connectors add that final sparkle to an even higher current amplifier!!

As to the music with all that Transient attack power …
incalculable “Goose Bumps For Grown-Ups!”

Once heard on a REDGUM, such expectations cannot be un-heard!

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Stereo Passive Preamp


Who wouldn’t want a preamp to pass on exactly what is there!? Adding 0% distortion, 0% noise, and having signal to noise at infinity sounds like Audio perfection … when it comes from a Passive Preamp, that is.

When designing each REDGUM product, we have always made a firm, if not bold, statement about our seriousness by following only well-founded “fads/fashions/theories” that distinctly improve sound quality. (Ed. But that then means they are not fads, etc!) This stance can have its costs in market terms, but REDGUM remains resolute for the people out there with calibrated Ears … who don’t give a damn about such fads, etc., because they are seeking what Hi-End Audio is by definition – HiFi. You know, high fidelity.

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