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REDGUM ‘Audio Pipeline’ OFC Interconnect 0.5m


The Design:
The REDGUM RGAP ‘Audio Pipeline’ OFC interconnect cables are researched, developed, designed and manufactured in conjunction with some of the most knowledgeable specialists in the industry. Designed to provide focus and sound staging, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, resolution and detail.

Take a listen and prepare to be amazed!

REDGUM ‘Expressive-Line’ Speaker Cable


10 square mm of Australian copper per conductor is aka 7AWG! This cable must be one of the lowest resistance cables anywhere!

It will allow your REDGUM amplifier to really show its stamina by ‘transmitting’ the 800+ Damping Factor (of the 60W/ch Stellulata) directly to your speaker terminals.

One length of this cable will give better results than bi-wiring with a lot of high-profile brands!!!

RGiHF Headphone Amplifier


For that “up close and personal” experience – the REDGUM RGHF Headphone Amplifier is based on our RGi35 circuit design with substantial adaptation to the power supply.

This amplifier has also been modified to limit background noise to unprecedented “inky black” levels. Of all applications, a Headphone amplifier makes optimal use of Dual Volume controls as offered here – the volume level to each ear is chosen and provided in absolute isolation via each channel. Sound, “made to measure”, just as your RGHF will be “built to measure” to suit your headphone’s sensitivity … “up close and personal” from the start of its life!!

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AQUILINA (Integrated)


When the Signature Series RGi60ENR first appeared with 75WRMS/ch in 2004 as the upgraded version of the original RGi60, the RGi60ENR offered the transformer, power supply and output stages used in the original (1993) RGi120!

But that was over a decade ago! And the power ‘bracket creep’ has continued! So now it is high time to cut to the chase and name names as to what this RGi60ENR has become in the Amplifolia range – at 120W/ch, the AQUILINA.

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SPLENDENS (Power Channel)


As much as we are convinced the SPLENDENS Power channel sounds best playing with its twin brother and sister (the Stereo Passive Preamp), feel free to create your own combinations for Stereo or Home Theatre outings.

When going solo, it is no wallflower. In fact, it can be quite outspoken once let off the leash. With the massive Damping Factor that all REDGUM amplifiers contain, its tight, clean bass is happy to form the pulse of any occasion.

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BLACK RGi60ENR (Integrated)

120W/ch (8Ω)
180W/ch (4Ω)
244W/ch (2Ω)
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BLACK RGi60ENR (Integrated)


We celebrated REDGUM’s 21st Birthday in 2014 with a “New” Generation of Integrated amplifiers – the Black Signature Series!

But how new is “New”!? Add in “purpose-designed to power ultra-low speaker impedances”, while keeping it all in the family with the same circuit boards and Dual Mono remote control as Amplifolia range products. This electronically-cloned Black Series RGi60ENR was named in deference to its wood-panelled “clone mother”, the then REDGUM Signature Series RGi60ENR (now the Aquilina). But in real life this Black Series version delivers 120W/ch!

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MAGNIFICATA (Power Channel)

> 350W/ch (8Ω)
> 550W/ch (4Ω)
> 900W/ch (2Ω)
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MAGNIFICATA (Power Channel)


The ultimate REDGUM building block, whatever your plan to rule in Stereo or Home Theatre power.

Even when performing on its ownsome, this Monoblock shares everything you expect from the Magnificata Pre-Power  System. As assured as an individual as when it plays along with its twin power amplifier, this Monoblock will leave you lost for words. Ah, but your smiles will be most eloquent!!

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> 350W/ch (8Ω)
> 550W/ch (4Ω)
> 900W/ch (2Ω)
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To celebrate REDGUM’s 21st Birthday, even the ‘monster’ of the Amplifolia range can find ways to reinvent itself with a new design, the MAGNIFICATA, aimed at super low impedance speaker loads down to 1 ohm.

As the icing on the cake, try a tripling of its MOSFET power, an increase to 100,000 μFarad per channel, and all Input connectors hand-wired with OCC single strand, solid core Silver wiring. Plus, with auto voltage selection, you can continue partying around the world. Widely spaced, 24 carat gold connectors add that final sparkle to an even higher current amplifier!!

As to the music with all that Transient attack power …
incalculable “Goose Bumps For Grown-Ups!”

Once heard on a REDGUM, such expectations cannot be un-heard!

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BLACK RGi120ENR (Integrated)

175W/ch (8Ω)
265W/ch (4Ω)
500W/ch (2Ω)
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BLACK RGi120ENR (Integrated)


We celebrated REDGUM’s 21st Birthday in 2014 with a “New” Generation of Integrated amplifiers – the Black Signature Series!

But how new is “New”!? Add in “purpose-designed to power ultra-low speaker impedances”, while keeping it all in the family with the same circuit boards and Dual Mono remote control as Amplifolia range products. This electronically-cloned Black Series RGi120ENR was named in deference to its wood-panelled RGi120ENR clone “mother”, the then REDGUM Signature Series RGi120ENR (now the Articulata). But in real life this Black Series version  delivers 175W/ch!

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RGPH2ENR Phono Preamp


So you want to play your vinyl again, but with a more serious approach to it all? The original little Phonostage that was tested in Bound For Sound magazine and rated as equal top unit (with another brand costing several times the price!!) was the starting point for this Signature Series design.

And, if you ever doubted that you could cope again with that pre-eminent downside of records (having been spoilt by CDs) …. as one customer puts it … “it has the ability to present record noise, clicks and pops and the like in a divided away space in the soundstage. Clicks and pops sound very clean and there is absolutely no trace of extra ringing or harmonic irregularities in the source material due to them. This is a wonderful result! The subjective outcome is the listener’s ability to get on with the music without having the inevitable surface noise getting in the way.”

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REDGUM’s original Floorstanders were released as the RGS38i in 1998 completing our 2 Channel system range. They were the ones that ‘froze’ the downstairs area of the Melbourne Home Entertainment show when we played the Chinese Drum track. The same speaker that had the light fittings rattling at the Melbourne Audio Club hall for the first time in the Club’s history! All good, very clean fun!

Now in this era of “makeovers” they have evolved internally into the RGS Lucens Floorstanding Loudspeakers … maintaining the same “body build” but with the added muscle of drivers shielded with dual magnets and consultant-designed crossovers. The family resemblance is more than skin deep … though what a glowing complexion the real Red Gum wood veneer adds to any room!

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By naming these Floorstanding loudspeakers the “Regnans”, we were promising to not design anything bigger in the future and that still holds true!

The tallest and most majestic of all Eucalyptus trees, the Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) reigns above the forest canopy to heights approaching (if not equaling) California’s Giant Sequoias. Such heights can only be attained by being deeply rooted and the dynamic range created by the Regnans’ sound bears witness to this solid grounding. The realism of the musical experience lies in the inherent flexibility from there on up. “… rich resonant sound melts from their drive units like honey.” *

This is in no small part due to the attention to detail at the cellular level of this 2-way 3 driver speaker as handcrafted in Australia … using exclusively high-voltage metalized polypropylene caps … very heavy 1.5mm wire for the bass coil … all connections silver soldered … internal hook-up to the woofers with dual 12 AWG OFC copper plus 6AWG from the rear terminals to the crossover.

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