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STELLULATA (Integrated)



Nominally now the ‘baby’ of the family within the Amplifolia range, this little STELLULATA amplifier has had plenty of time to mature!

Back when the core REDGUM RGi35 design was upgraded to become the Signature Series RGi35ENR, even that move included the power supply and output stages from the ‘Best Buy Award’-winning RGi60, giving it plenty to ‘knock the socks off’ many 100W/ch mass production brand amplifiers!! Since then the RGi35ENR has put on a little more muscle, so what is now renamed as the Stellulata has a typical output of 60W/ch!!!

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ARTICULATA (Integrated)


The ARTICULATA is the ultimate REDGUM integrated amplifier for those who demand the best. Which is a breeze to attain with 200W/ch on offer.

When this Signature Series RGi120ENR amplifier was first created in 2001, it was based on our Award-winning RGi120 but with its output power boosted to 155WRMS/ch. That made its actual ‘slam’ higher than ‘the original’ RGM175 Monoblocks!!!

Time has moved on since then; so, too, has its power, accumulating without fanfare. Now renamed as part of the Amplifolia range, it definitely makes the music well worth one!

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First presented as the RGS28i, these are the little speakers that stunned them in England, even back in 1998. In fact, spontaneous ovations during Shows have been known to break out after their performance!

Continuing as a 2-way, 2 driver system, they were re-designed internally as the RGSB Bookshelf Loudspeaker (christened Manna*) … using exclusively high-voltage metallized polypropylene caps … heavy 1mm wire for the bass coil … all connections silver soldered … and internal hook-up throughout with 12 AWG OFC copper.

Handcrafted in Australia, they are not just a stunning looker in real Red Gum wood veneer, they amaze all who listen to them! …

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SPLENDENS (Pre – Power)


The more power it gives you, well, the more words fail us to describe the SPLENDENS! Except for the obvious >250W/ch (8Ω).

The clue is in its origins. Simply put, take the the RGM175 Monoblock System (175W/ch), upgrade it to the Signature Series RGM175ENR (200W/ch). And then let it quietly evolve over the years.

Having now morphed into the Splendens Monoblock Pre-Power System, it still brings together the the principles of the RG175p Dual Mono Volume Passive Preamp with two RG175ENRm Signature Series Monoblock Power Amplifiers. And then some.

So while you are finding the words for it in the music, watch out, too, for what the musicians are thinking!!

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The RGDAC5 offers the same design as the legendary RGCD5ENR but without the CDROM drive and associated power supply.

All REDGUM CD Players and DACs have an additional chip that reclocks and reshapes the data – most unusual in the world of CD players! So, when we say that this RGDAC5 unit will turn any, repeat “any” CD transport or DVD player with ‘digital out’ into a stunning CD Player! … well, we have yet to be contradicted!

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Clearly, a USB DAC has no need to pretend it is trying to be “the world’s most advanced DAC, ever”! But when it presents as a hi-res USB DAC, it does show a determination to maintain digital accuracy, most particularly when it is an Asynchronous DAC.

The sonics of REDGUM CDP/DAC designs have long been trusted, remarkably, because of their asynchronous-ness. And that history began in 1997, decades before that term became widely used!

RGMP8 Media Player


An Audiophile’s constant Quest #1a: to gain quality music with all the drama intact.
An Audiophile’s constant Quest #1b: setting up a quality system without all the drama!

Enter REDGUM’s new Media Player, the RGMP8. Automatically creating its own WiFi environment, you can literally stop to party in any field and the music will be outstanding!

The core idea behind this system design is that as a Media Player, it requires no infrastructure i.e. it can easily be set up and operated by someone who has no computer knowledge whatsoever!

RGPH2 Phono Preamp


So you want to play your vinyl again, huh? Yes, a great way to start is with this little Phonostage that was tested in Bound For Sound magazine and rated as equal top unit (with another brand costing several times the price!!).

And, if you ever doubted that you could cope again with that pre-eminent downside of records (having been spoilt by CDs) …. as one customer puts it … “it has the ability to present record noise, clicks and pops and the like in a divided away space in the soundstage. Clicks and pops sound very clean and there is absolutely no trace of extra ringing or harmonic irregularities in the source material due to them. This is a wonderful result! The subjective outcome is the listener’s ability to get on with the music without having the inevitable surface noise getting in the way.”



The world’s only Dual Mono Remote Control

Your new REDGUM Stereo Amplifier will have this unique Dual Mono Remote Control fitted at the time of construction … unless your Inner Purist prefers to manually adjust the Dual Mono volumes. In that case, just let us know that a manual Dual Mono version is preferred.

And it really is just what the family expected! This Remote Control operates like any normal “Vol Up/Down” remote control, as well as giving you full control over both Dual Mono volume controls, if and when you choose. In the meantime, you will give no thought to the fact that it is actually operating 2 separate/Dual Mono amplifiers!

Time to fully express all that glorious imaging that has lain dormant in your music. Till now!

(Released in 2007, retro-fitting to some earlier models is possible, for an additional cost.)

RGSW1 Plate Amplifier


When you want the Subwoofer amplifier that

other manufacturers choose because …..

Bass weight and Extension are the key words.

RGH900-1 & RGH900p


Home Theatre 5.1 Power Amplifier & 5.1 Preamp / Processor Package

Fuss-free Home Theatre and Hi-Fi sound are no longer mutually exclusive!! Now you can really hang up your hat on the Format Wars, and feel safe!

Combine REDGUM’s RGH900 award-winning6 channel Home Theatre amplifier with their award-winningRGH900p for REDGUM’s own minimalist, ultra clean processing. Relax with it and be suitably scared to death. Breathtaking for more than one reason … you won’t dare break the tension by making a single sound! The spectacularly clean audio gives pinpoint accuracy to events, so that when the soundtrack isn’t making music you catch every dropped cartridge, every shimmer of emotion.

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REDGUM ‘Audio Pipeline’ OFC Interconnect 0.5m


The Design:
The REDGUM RGAP ‘Audio Pipeline’ OFC interconnect cables are researched, developed, designed and manufactured in conjunction with some of the most knowledgeable specialists in the industry. Designed to provide focus and sound staging, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, resolution and detail.

Take a listen and prepare to be amazed!